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Become an early investor in solar-powered persistent flight aircraft:

  • Serving multiple Billion-Dolor Industries

  • Disrupting how the world Collects and Transmits Data

  • Providing the Backbone for the next Wireless Telecommunication Industry

World-Class Funding & Support

We completed $475,000 of R&D through four non-dilutive grants awarded by NASA and the US Air Force.

Cut-Out Path & Vision

We already have an MOU with the Washington Air National Guard, and industrial customers ready to beta-test our initial commercial product.

Scholar-Led Company

Our founder, Justin M Selfridge, PhD, was a researcher at NASA Langley for seven years, and dedicated his doctoral research and professional career to perfecting this technology.

How it Works

What is Devorto?

What is Devorto?

Devorto is building a novel concept aircraft that never has to land. A solar-powered system that collects energy during the day and runs on batteries at night, isn’t constrained by fuel and can persist indefinitely. This technology provides the foundation for:

  • Atmospheric monitoring for weather and climate change data

  • A solution to the 5G infrastructure problem

  • Broadband speed Internet across the planet

  • Wildfire early detection and abatement

  • 24/7 disaster assessment and relief

Our goal is to provide better capabilities than satellites for the cost and logistics of a drone.

Groundbreaking Technology

Our TURN system combines the best features of both fixed-wing and rotorcraft designs. This unique approach delivers:

  • The same vertical takeoff and hover as a helicopter

  • 10X the aerodynamic efficiency of fixed-wing aircraft

  • 20X the flight endurance of multirotor platforms

  • 40X less power needed for each motor

  • Half the weight, 2X more battery, 3X better airfoils

The TURN system puts persistent flight within reach, and smaller systems attain vastly increased flight endurance.

Total Addressable Market

$20.8 Billion Market in 2021

$501.4 Billion Market by 2028

$335 Billion Market in 2020

2020 had 3X more launches than 2019

Competitive Advantage

The flight endurance of our initial smaller scale products will compete with piloted aircraft services which charge $1k-$3k per hour.

Persistent flight with the larger High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) will provide telecom services for 98% of the global population year-round.

Our technology was funded by NASA and the US Air Force, with patents protecting the vehicle design and control laws, and trade secrets securing custom algorithms.

Alternative Attempts

Every major player is striving to get to the stratosphere, from Defense, Aerospace, Telecom, and Technology Giants. They have the desire, but they don't have the technology.

Milestone Timeline

Introducing the TURN System

Find out more about how our technology works, the problem it solves, and the various applications it will serve.

Industry Partners

Specializes in R&D for rotorcraft systems, and will build the next TURN flight demonstrator hardware milestone

World-renowned for small aircraft and rotating systems computational analysis, and will provide CFD/FEA

Industry-leading drone manufacturer for both civilian and DoD UAS platforms, and will provide early production capabilities

About Devorto

About Devorto

  • Devorto was founded with a singular purpose: develop a novel aerial platform that will revolutionize how the world collects and transmits data.

  • But honestly... it's not the aircraft design that is important, it's the capabilities and the new emerging applications that truly matter.

  • Making the world more connected, allowing AI/ML to reach mobile applications, furnishing actionable data to decision makers, aiding public safety missions, and providing better insights on weather and climate change.

  • These benefits will positively impact every person across our planet.

Meet the Team

Justin M Selfridge, PhD

Founder and CEO

Former NASA researcher worked for seven years developing adaptive control algorithms for experimental aircraft, completed his doctorate which focused on the TURN aerial system, and spent the past four years working on TURN full-time through federal grant R&D funding

Ken Karklin

Business Operations Advisor

Former COO of AeroVironment, and responsible for six product lines as the US military’s top supplier for small UAS

Al Waddill

Product Sales Advisor

President of Groen Brothers Aviation, with 25 years as Head of Sales for advanced vertical takeoff aircraft

Mark November

Talent Acquisition Advisor

Investor with several successful exits, and focuses on finding talent and funding for early tech companies

Funding Objective

We are ramping up our next funding round to accomplish three objectives:


Build the initial product and establish manufacturing production capabilities


Demonstrate market fit and early revenue leading into our seed funding round


Solidify a path for additional Air Force SBIR Phase II and STRATFI/TACFI funding

Later funding rounds will come from Air Force grants and/or VCs (closed to private investors).


01.What makes Devorto Corporation a better option than its competitors?

Nobody else on the market has achieved the same technological breakthroughs and made the same progress as we have here at Devorto. Companies have been trying to come up with the technology required for a High Altitude Platform Station that is solar-powered and self-sustainable for years but have failed. DARPA has spent over $750 million over the past 15 years but failed. Google and Facebook have tried over and over to enter the market or invest in pre-IPOs , but to no avail.

We’ve perfected the technology and are ready to hit the markets running, disrupting the industry and the whole world. We have funding from NASA and the Air Force, we have three already-approved patents, and MOUs and LOIs already lined up with companies and industries around the world.

Our initial drones will be able to fly 20x longer than any current multirotor, and our HAPS, the only one to attempt to enter the market, will be 50x closer than any satellite, we’ll be able to reposition it as needed, and we’ll be able to recall it to Earth at any time for payload upgrades. Capabilities that nothing on the market has come close to. Better capabilities than satellites but for the cost and logistics of operating a drone.

02.What returns can I expect from investing in Devorto?

When investing in Devorto, you can expect VC-like investment returns, and more. This is the same opportunity that Bill Gates gave potential investors all those years ago. The same investment opportunity that investors had when Google and Facebook first became a thing. An opportunity that anybody who passed it up at the time regretted for the rest of their lives. You have the opportunity to invest in the next tech giant on the ground floor.

03.Why is now the time to invest in Devorto?

You have a short window of opportunity to invest in the next tech giant on the ground floor. We are just looking for enough investors to bring our initial product to market. Once that first milestone is achieved, we'll have a path back to the Air Force for additional non-dilutive R&D funding to pursue the next hardware milestone. Beyond that, we'll look to larger institutional funding from VCs to scale the business operations. After that threshold, we'll likely pursue an IPO to deliver the HAPS capability across the planet. In summary, we're growing quickly and only looking to individual investors for this immediate milestone. Once that window closes, the next investment opportunity will likely be 5-7 years later through our IPO, after we've already grown the company valuation by 100X or more.

04.What are Devorto’s immediate business plans?

Devorto has completed its R&D stage and is ready for its drones to hit the market. Our funding plan consists of three distinct phases. First, we’re looking for investors that will help us bring our product to market over the next few months. Once we’ve done that and established customer-market fit, we will pursue additional funding from the US Air Force. The final stage culminates with our ultimate goal of the High-Altitude Platform Station, which will deliver the backbone for the next wireless telecommunications industry.

05.How does a private company differ from a public company?

Because public companies trade on an exchange, their valuations are significantly influenced by external market conditions. When investors are fearful, they unload their stock and the prices drop... and in many cases, it might have nothing to do with how well the company is performing. Now that we're entering 2024, a majority of financial experts are forecasting a major market correction, and many public companies have started losing value based on the whims of emotional beings.

Conversely, the valuation of a private company is tied directly to how well that company performs. For Devorto, we already have a plan for how our valuation will grow over time, which is based on tangible metrics, like hardware milestones and revenue projections.

06.What's my role as an investor in the company?

This raise will build the initial product, demonstrate product/market fit in anticipation of our seed round, and lay the foundation for additional Air Force Phase II & STRATFI/TACFI funding. When you invest, it will be at our current company valuation, before it grows exponentially to VC/IPO valuations.

There's one common wish all investors have

Regardless what you want out of your investment, or how well your investments performed over the years, or how much money you’ve made, there’s one common thing you and all other investors want.

And that’s the opportunity to invest in the next Google.

Or the next Facebook.

The next tech giant.

Imagine investing in Google when it was still in a garage.

Or Facebook when it was still in a dorm room.

You would have been at the forefront of a new era for technology, pioneering a new frontier.

These companies had disruptive technologies that not only changed their respective markets and industries, but they completely changed the world as we know it.

As for the people who had the chance to invest but decided not to... imagine how they feel today.

Imagine how they felt after seeing the stock values for Google and Facebook skyrocket, and knowing that they let a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity slip between their fingers.

Now you’re presented with the same opportunity they had.

An opportunity to invest in Devorto Corporation before it revolutionizes the tech world, before it revolutionizes everybody’s life.

Devorto and its solar-powered High Altitude Platform Station (HAPS) will transform how the world collects and transmits data.

All the major players are striving for this capability because they know it will provide the backbone for the next wireless telecom industry.

Everyone including: Google, Facebook, DARPA, NASA, the Air Force, tier-one aerospace companies, and the major players in telecom.

But all have failed.

This is your opportunity to invest in the only technology that actually solves the engineering challenge needed to attain persistent flight.

To invest in a founder that has seen all the glaring technical flaws, identified a viable solution, raised funding to complete the R&D effort, secured MOUs and LOIs with Air Force and civilian customers, obtained multiple patents to protect the technology, organized industrial partners to build the commercial products, and recruited top industry experts to expand the business operations.

The tech is moving forward, with or without you... we’re only looking for a few key partnerships to accelerate our current growth.

And you have a chance to be a part of that.

So, what is your choice going to be?

Set up a call, see if it’s a good fit for both of us, maybe become an investor, and join the select few that usher in a new era of technology?

Or will you make the same mistake as those early investors who turned down Bill Gates all those years ago?

Let’s make history together.